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If you knew success was a certainty, what would you attempt to do?

Have you noticed that for every need there is a product or services you can use?

Also, in some cases it is not just a single service or product: it’s a combination of services, products and people.

And… is that it? We wish it was that easy, but no!

Ability, dedication and expertise are among the key factors to make any project successful.

Sometimes a manager may have the expertise but doesn’t have the time or doesn’t know the full spectrum of services and products available to reach optimal results.

So, have you ever thought of buying solutions instead of services?

In Freemind, we specialize in fast, realistic and affordable solutions for our clients. We have more than 20 years of experience at your service to satisfy your needs in less time with outstanding results.


Time Report

Professional Time Management

Do you bill to your clients by the hour?
Allow us to show you how simple can it be, improving your production and profit. No matter the size of your business, Time Report is the most adequate billing system for hourly services.

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Integral Patient Management System

SIAP is a customized Aesthetic CRM. With over 15 years of experience in the international market, this tool guarantees excellent results and a very significative improvement on your sales. Mostly recommended for esthetic centers and professionals.

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Firewall and Network Server for Enterprises

Do you have a network in your business? Is that network secure and easily managed?
Zafiro allows you to control the traffic on your network and even detect when certain users connect. If you have any networking need that a simple router can’t solve, this is your solution

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